Awesome RR Threads Stickers

Awesome RR Threads Stickers

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Due to popular demand, we are releasing some of our most popular shirt designs in sticker form. Each of these stickers are die-cut and have a removable backing. Super durable and endlessly awesome!

Buy them individually or as a sticker pack. If as a sticker pack, then you pick the ones you want (please add note in order), and we will send them your way.

Size (LxW):

  • Sweet Ride Bike - 3.25"x2"

  • Golden Majesty Unicorn - 2.5"x2"

  • Spinning Gold Chains Bike - 2.75"x2"

  • Make Watts Not War - 1.75"x2"

  • Crit or Die - 3.2"x 1.5"

  • Golden Calves - 3.12"x2"

  • The South Loop Route - 1.75"x2"

  • Texas Houndstooth Badge - 1.75"x2"

  • Get Some! - 3.1"x2"

  • RR Threads Logo - 1.9"x2"

Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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