Get Some! Bidons - 22oz - 2 Colors

Get Some! Bidons - 22oz - 2 Colors

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Bidons or Bottles...whatever you call them, you have to have the best! The best in both quality and style! Keep your water tasting extra clean in these Specialized Purist technology bottles.

Keep your style game up by showing the world that you Get Some!

  • Purist technology mimics the way the lotus leaf sheds water and contaminants.

  • No more bad taste: Purist shields the inside of the bottle from any bad taste, mold or staining.

  • All the benefits of glass: As pure as drinking from a glass, but with all the advantage of a flexible bottle.

  • Please recycle. BPA free. Leak proof.

  • Designed in Dallas - Made in the ol’ U. S. of A!

  • Purist 22oz

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