Get Some! Shades

Get Some! Shades

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Why do kick-it sunglasses have to cost so much? I mean really…$40, $100, $200+. And then we just end up losing them anyway. Why not get a quality pair of fun Get Some! shades for just more than the price of a pair of socks. These shades also don’t create any odd colors. They simply shade the sun and leave the world the color it is without the shades.

What all can I do in these shades you may be asking yourself? Well, let us tell you what we have done in them so far:

  • Run - yes, they stay comfortably on your face when you run. No slipping or sliding

  • Cycling - yes, they word for some cruising. We don’t use them to crit race or anything super fast, but they do the trick on more laid back rides

  • Other life - we wear them all the time, everywhere

Go get a pair of Get Some! sunglasses. You won’t be disappointed.

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