Herringbone Cap

Herringbone Cap

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Keep it classy with a navy blue herringbone cap! Just like those fancy sport coats, this cap is designed to look sharp. No seriously, this cap is top notcj. Cycling has never been this classy!

Handmade in good ol' TX.

100% cotton with a plastic bill insert. Comes with a RR Threads woven label with "Get Some" on the underside.

Approximate Sizing:

  • XSmall: Less than 21″ (Less than 53cm)

  • Small: 21″- 22″ (53cm – 56cm)

  • Medium: 22″-23″ (56cm – 58cm)

  • Large: 23″- 24″ (58cm – 61cm)

**It is always best to measure your head with a flexible measuring tape over your hair to ensure you get the best size for you!

Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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